Yachting on the Hudson #NewYorkCity #YachtLife ⛵️

Yachting on the Hudson #NewYorkCity #YachtLife ⛵️

Peace: Afternoon bike ride on the pier #ScenesfromABike #Nomad #Wanderlust 🚲

Peace: Afternoon bike ride on the pier #ScenesfromABike #Nomad #Wanderlust 🚲

Having a throwback with uncle Scott at the MIT sail team #LuriaFamReunion  (at MIT Sailing Pavilion)

Having a throwback with uncle Scott at the MIT sail team #LuriaFamReunion (at MIT Sailing Pavilion)

Digital: Enjoying @FredWilson speaking about #bitcoin and #philanthropy for social good #FredTalk4Good

Digital: Enjoying @FredWilson speaking about #bitcoin and #philanthropy for social good #FredTalk4Good

Peace: Yoga on the pier with @lulabrinklz #yoga #peace

Peace: Yoga on the pier with @lulabrinklz #yoga #peace

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This is happening right now #BikeTaxiVirgin #IamTerrified

This is happening right now #BikeTaxiVirgin #IamTerrified

Digital: How to Win at Digital in the Second Half of 2014

It’s the start of July, which means we’re officially entering the second half of 2014. It’s hard to imagine where the first half went; it’s been a blur on my end. I got to thinking: what should small businesses be looking to do better in the second half of the year? I thought I would ask my network of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and strategists, and this is what they had to say:

#1: Testing is Key

"Test, test, and test again! Make sure you know what platform would be good for your business. If you have a restaurant it might be Instagram or Pinterest. If you have a consulting firm, it might be Facebook or Twitter. But no matter what business you have, I urge everyone to get on the LinkedIn Blog. There is so much potential with that platform. Its connected to LinkedIn, which is quintessentially commerce and networking. And most of all, use social media to beef up your email list. Email plus social media is powerful.

-Sean Gardner, Forbes #1 Social Media Power Influencer, Digital Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Author, Huffington Post Columnist

#2: Storytelling is Paramount

Look to the art of storytelling. We’ve allowed ourselves to be seduced by the brevity of a tweet or text message and are forgetting the power of the story. As human beings, we long to be connected to others and storytelling has been our magnet and glue for centuries. Take time to go deeper and reach into the heart and soul of who you are and what you do Sharethat with others in your favorite social networks and on your site. Foster longer-lasting and more meaningful connections. Nobody ever said social media should be a quick hit or a quick fix. People crave - and will take time for - more if it has meaning.”

-Aliza Sherman, Web Pioneer, Author, Public Speaker, Digital Marketer

Read the entire article here

Peace: Soul Camp 2014

My good friends are running an incredible program this summer: Soul Camp. 

Yes, it takes place at the Wet Hot American Summer campgrounds from the movie. It’s also backed by Huffington Post’s GPS for the soul. So basically it will be awesome. Check out all the wonderful speakers and staff here

Digital: How to Fix your Magento Coupon Code Report

Many times I hear merchants talking about how their coupon code report doesn’t work. There is a simple fix for this.

1. Reports — Refresh Statistics

You’re done! That usually fixes it, if not than contact your hideously overpriced Magento agency. Don’t have one that you are happy with? Contact me - I know the best in the biz :) and they actually aren’t overpriced and get dev work done efficiently within budget. 

Digital: How to Identify Product ID’s in Magento

I am starting a Magento tutorial series. How to Identify Product ID’s in Magento. Very important to know if you want to pull products and reference products in static blocks or other modules. 

Here is how to find the product ID’s in Magento. 

1. Log into the admin dashboard.

2. Catalog — Products

3. Go into a product and within the URL you will see the edit/id/id number